• 24010 Lenna Bergamo - Via dell'Industria, 21 - Italy

“Innovation starts from people”

From 1988 up to now, Meccanica Gervasoni has always pursued the goal to give its clients the maximum
quality and a more and more complete offer.
This has been possible thanks to a team of people moved by the passion for the mechanics.

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Meccanica Gervasoni is in the field of metalworking sector, but it has developed its offer with welding and spray coating.
The Company offers machining on behalf of a third party. During the years, it has been specializing on machining of components for ball valves production.
The raw materials (steel casting) are provided by the customers. The pieces are machined to achieve the dimensions required on relevant technical drawings, by means of turning, milling/boring and welding overlays processes.
Such activities are carried out through numerical control machine like tools-center and vertical lathes, working centers and welding units, HVOF technology and lapping units.
Once completed the cycle, the piece are delivered to the client, who take care of their assembly in products used on methane pipelines, oil platforms, power stations, wellheads, shipyards, etc.